Snake in Toilet Bit Thai Woman’s Bottom


The python peeks out from the toilet. Australscope


Snake in Toilet Bit Thai Woman’s Bottom

A mum on a posh housing estate is outraged that a snake came up out of her toilet and bit her on the bum.

Mum Phanarat Chaiboon, 42, was bitten on the posterior as she used her loo in the Taling Chan area of Thai capital Bangkok.

The food company executive was left bleeding and terrified by the incident, after which she turned to see a snake’s head in her toilet.

She shut the lid and weighed it down before driving herself to the Phayathai 3 hospital.

Doctors there were unwilling to use an anti-venom treatment as they did not know which species of snake had bitten their patient, so they phoned a security guard at the housing complex, who confirmed it was a python.


The python was caught after it bit the woman. Australscope


Pythons are non-venomous but the bite still needed treatment to prevent bacterial infection setting in.

The shaken mum was treated successfully and returned home.

But a few days later her 15-year-old daughter Gift saw an even bigger snake in the downstairs toilet, and was so frightened that she left home to stay with relatives.

The family of six say that there must be a cavity under the house where reptiles like to lurk, as they previously found a large monitor lizard in their garden.

They are hoping the company responsible for the housing estate, on which properties are worth between 8 and 30 million THB (US$240,000 and US$900,000), will step in to help.

Phanarat also said her medical bills following the python bite totalled 18,000 THB (US$540), only part of which was covered by insurance.