Heartbreaking: Today Is Fifty-Baht Hamburger Trio Day, But No One Knows Where

Prepare to be devastated, because something truly horrible has happened: Mouths all over Thailand are watering today for Fifty-Baht Hamburger Trio Day, but no one knows where it is.

This is just about the worst news imaginable.

Fifty-Baht Hamburger Trio Day means one thing: It’s time to line up to get your hands on a trio of juicy hamburgers with all the trimmings on freshly toasted buttered buns, all yours for just fifty baht during this limited-time promotion.

But where? This is the question nobody has yet been able to answer. This could be a national promotion, at a single location, or at a food truck for all anyone knows.

Google searching “fifty baht hamburger trio location” turns up no results. Customer service representatives for both 25 Degrees Bangkok and Daniel Thaiger have stated that Fifty-Baht Hamburger Trio Day is not at their restaurants, but that it sounds like an amazing deal. One guy in Chon Buri thought he remembered a place that had a deal like that once, but it turned out it closed in 1997.