7 Strange Habits of Thai People



7 Strange Habits of Thai People


Every country in the world has its own set of oddities and mystery in cultural mores and mannerisms, custom and behavior. If you visit Thailand from the West, you might face some of the most intriguing and outright strange habits of the people. Thais are a God fearing and friendly brood. Nevertheless there are some ways and behaviors seen in both men and women that may raise that eyebrow or cause an inane smile.



1 Washing the feet and hands when they return home is common among the Thai people. Most men and women will run to the bathroom and wash their feet upon returning from outdoors. Most women feel “better” when they wash their feet. This is because most Thais consider the feet the lowest part of the body. Never in your wildest dreams keep the feet above someone’s head or even stamp on the Baht note with the King’s head. It’s sacrilegious!



2 Thailand may not be the land of cheese any day, but that surely doesn’t stop Thais from devouring pizzas in large numbers! Thais often pour mayo and ketchup over pizzas of any type or form. For most Westerners, this may be a very unusual occurrence and exotic food habit.



3 Thai women have popularized the short dress in a whole new way. Most women from ages 15-35 years will wear short dresses with shorter pants inside. It may be noticed that even during the summers, when the heat is high, many women wear shorts of different colors underneath their dresses. This makes for a unique sartorial style in any way!



4 Thai men on the other hand love wearing two pairs of underwear. Yes! This may sound all the more astounding, but many will admit to sleeping in two pairs leave alone dressing up for office.



5 Most Thai pedestrians are amazing Samaritans, however, the strange oddity about them is the fact that they often repeat what you stay before giving you the answer to a query that you asked. Many will often hear you out only to repeat every word you say and then answer. Also importantly, remember to ask questions without raising hands or fingers. That may be very offensive even though you may have done it to explain things and clear it out.



6 Thais just love adding the ice to every beverage they drink. Although the country is sub-tropical and has humid and sweltering summers, winters are mild with a temperature of 17 degrees centigrade. Many Thais just love adding the ice to tea, whiskey, coffee and even beer! Thais might feel cold and wrap themselves up with jackets and scarves, they may still love the ice in their beverages.



7 Finally, no matter how good your Thai is and how long you have been in the country, most Thais assume you are new to the place and take the lead while doing things such as sightseeing or simple things such as ordering in a restaurant or going for a drive. Do not feel offended but just relax- they only are trying to help!